Bansuri (Indian flute) Instrumental- Indian Classical Raga "Alaap" themed – Meditative Solo

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This is my first attempt of playing an ‘alaap’ style melodic piece on my Bansuri , which is an Indian flute made of bamboo. The piece is played over Cello drone in A.

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This solo is inspired from slow ‘alaap’ style instrumental work in Indian Classical raga based music. Let me know how you guys feel about it

I recommend listening to it on the background while you are relaxing or doing something mild (like surfing the internet)

In Indian classical raag based music, the ‘alaap’ section is the beginning portion of the presentation where the melodic structure is slowly revealed to get the listener acquainted with the mood of the raag. This ‘alaap’ section is done in a very slowly with long sustained notes with lots of variation on how the notes are articulated ,but without any rhythm in the backing.

The aalap sections primary purpose to me is to get the listener acquainted with the mood and personality of the Raag . The slow pace helps the listener get into a trance like state with the mind prepared for upcoming expansion of the raag , which happens in the ‘Jor’ and “Jhaala” section , where rythm components gets added and the melody picks up speed and moves towards reaching a climax.

I am not the owner of the Cello drone used in the background, the owner of the Cello drone is the youtube channel “Musician’s Practice Partner – Topic”, and all right of the Cello drone belong to the channel. You can find the cello drone in the link below -:

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