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Enjoy this Best Ghatam Moments video from the Darbar Festival 2013. This special excerpt is from the concert featuring Jayanthi Kumaresh on saraswati veena, Patri Satish Kumar on mridangam and RN Prakash on the ghatam. This video shows some of the best moments from the concert stitched together by the Darbar team to highlight the always vibrant rhythm section.

What you see is the prelude to a percussive interaction between RN Prakash and Patri Satish Kumar –the part of a Carnatic music recital where the melodic element recedes to the background and the percussionists take centre-stage, elaborating and improvising a rhythmic structure. All of this culminating into a playful interaction that feels like a conversation, a question and answer session between them –all complementary to each other and performed with a spirit of camaraderie.

RN Prakash is one of the leading Carnatic percussionists in Europe. He was born and trained in India in Carnatic music after which, during his 30’s, he had permanently moved to the UK. Apart from being a busy concert artist, RN Prakash holds a prime position as a faculty at the London School of Carnatic Music.

For listeners who are seeing an instrument like this for the first time, yes, the Ghatam indeed is a clay pot, but just not a clay pot. The best ones are made in a hamlet called Manamadurai located in the southern tip of the Indian peninsula in the state of Tamil Nadu. The small village has ancient, pre-historic relics and stories dating back to the age of one of the great Indian epics –the Ramayana. The quality of mud found in Manamadurai is said to infuse a special tonal quality to the clay pots or Ghatam. The mud is mixed with tiny shards of brass –a factor that adds a sharp dimension to the tone of the clay sound of the Ghatam when it is played.

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Musicians in this video:
Jayanthi Kumaresh (saraswati veena)
Patri Satish Kumar (mridangam)
RN Prakash (ghatam)
Mithila Sarma (tanpura)

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