Bhanupriya as Menaka in Vishwamitra(Indian classical dance )

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  • Published On: 2018-11-27 16:25:40
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  1. even gods and saptarshis that gained enlightenment can make mistakes. What is the purpose of enlightenment then? Go back to school after getting postgraduate degree and PHD. Karma Karma. The show must go on, hence they make mistakes. Other beings will pay price to watch this never ending show.

  2. If I was there instead of vishwamitra I kicked out this apsara like makkhi 😂even these days I do when my sister annoying me during study ….

  3. Unconscious people always misunderstood the enlightened masters message! poor ordinary unenlightened idiots never understand the real meaning of this…OSHO is perfectly correct sexually repressed society what can understand beyond this..

  4. If you understand this philosophically, this is the Maya of seduction which a saintly person has to overcome. Even Buddha was tested with seduction before he attained self-realization. Jesus was tempted by Satan after he fasted for 40 days and nights. Jesus was offered the rulership of whole world

  5. Whosoever is singer she has very peculiar and bad pronunciation skills, I cannot understand the titile line of the poetry however composition is in raag shivranjani and whosoever played tabla & mrudanga seems to be very trained one. The dancer is very nice, pride of south Indian artforms 👌

  6. Sad to see indians don't know much about classical dance..😒
    She is not performing any classical dance(sometimes hand steps are classical)
    It's a mixture of semi classical and her own steps😂

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