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Bharatanatyam dance cover of IndianRaga’s Carnatic fusion Bindumalini Thillana set to Adi talam. This Indian Classical dance duet is a portrayal of love; love between a couple, between the rain and the clouds, between the Jivatma or the soul and the Paramatma or God. Choreographed by the dancers Sachhidanand Narayankar and Sonam Vora themselves, this Nritta piece combines slow coordinated movements and Shringar rasa with fast movement patterns to depict the joyous dancing of a couple, the graceful dance of the peacock in the rain.

The dance portrays also the saint poetess Andal’s pleas for rains to shower just the right amount for life to flourish. The piece ends with rhythmic dance movements to various combinations of Jati, Swara and instruments, leading to the final climax.

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Sonam Vora

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