Bharatanatyam | Lord Sri Rama Special dance | Indian Classical dance | Reshama Mohan


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  • Published On: 2021-05-13 17:00:02
  • Video Published/Author: Giri Bhakti
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In this video, we have made bharatanatyam dance show performed by Reshama Mohan on the account Sri Rama Navami Mela 2021.

Indian Classical dance form is more famous in the world that has soulfulness and divineness in its own way.

This song is specially dedicated to Lord Sri Rama to spread Rama’s mantra, divinity & fame. Reshama Mohan has performed Tamilnadu classical dance bharatanatyam excellently with a divine contribution Lord Rama.

When people say or sing Lord Rama songs or when they perform dance to Rama, all the negative waves will get destroyed and positivity will spread across the surroundings.

Devotees of Lord Rama sing and dance Rama special songs routinely to neglect negativity, anxiety, depression, and fear. These songs will give more health benefits and also shows high betterment in lives.

Watch and comment your thoughts on the performance of Reshama Mohan contributed to Lord Shree Rama.

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