Bho Shambho – Bharatanatyam solo performance by Surabhi Bharadwaj


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  • Published On: 2016-02-22 15:04:01
  • Video Published/Author: Surabhi Bharadwaj
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Bho Shambho
Raga – Revati
Tala – Adi
Composer – Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Choreography – Guru Smt. Radha Sridhar
Performed at ADA Ranga Mandira, Bangalore

Bhagiratha’s prayer to clean his ancestor’s souls insulted Ganga, who tried to flood the
whole world. He prevented the world from destruction by trapping Ganga in His locks.
He who is ParaBrahma without any characteristics, who is beyond time, beyond
properties, who is infinite, joy filled and deathless Shiva Linga…The one who dances
vigorously to the beat of drums, who is worshipped by sage Mathanga, the lord of
the stage, the Lord of everyone, the merciful Lord, who redeems us from this ocean of

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