Fusion Music | Indian Classical Instrumental | Sitar – Tabla – Mridangam – Violin

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A Rendition of Classical Fusion Music | Sitar, Tabla, Mridangam, Violin | Indian Classical Music Instrumental

B.V.Raghavendra Rao – Violin
B.Sivaramakrishna Rao – Sitar
Sai Giridhar – Mridangam
D.C.Venkatesh – Tabla & World Percussions

Sitar is a plucked stringed instrument used mainly in Hindustani music and Indian classical music.

Tabla is a South Asian membranophone percussion instrument (similar to bongos), consisting of a pair of drums, used in traditional, classical, popular and folk music. It has been a particularly important instrument in Hindustani classical music since the 18th century, and remains in use in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use. Smaller violin-type instruments are known, including the violino piccolo and the kit violin, but these are virtually unused in the 2010s.

Mridangam is a percussion instrument from India of ancient origin. It is the primary rhythmic accompaniment in a Carnatic music ensemble.

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