‘Gharana’ and its Role in shaping Indian Classical Music


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The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. collaborates with Dolby to release its short format music series ‘MUSISODES’. The series premieres with Indian Classical Music. The Musisodes will be short videos exploring different aspects and topics, covering the vast musical landscape of India. The Musisode is an innovative format to engage with the audience across digital platforms, with content covering familiar and niche music genres.

This episode of the Musisode series decodes the Significance of a Gharana and its role in shaping Classical Music in India. The concept of Gharana was basically based on geographies. So how has Gharans evolved over the years, and how is its manifestation in today’s time when digitalization has made us global citizens. Watch noted lyricist Mayur Puri and sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee discuss the fundamentals, essence, and the evolution of one of the oldest genres in music Indian Classical Music.
Launched on World Music Day, the #KnowYourMusic campaign’s objective is to introduce the audience and the music enthusiast to the different genres of Indian music and create a more engaged audience.

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