Hindustani Classical Vocalist Pt. D Kumar Das in Shubhodaya Karnataka | 10-06-2019 | DD Chandana


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D.Kumardas is a well known Hindustani Classical Vocalist. Born on Mar 12th 1954 in Yelabenchi, a remote village of Bellary district of Karnataka, young Kumardas was unusually interested in Music. After 12 years of constant struggle and practice Kumardas was able enough to be certified by his Guru Pandit. Puttaraj Gawai along with a reward of a Gold Medal. Pt. Kumardas is mastered the art of Khyal singing. Endowed with a rich and sonorous voice his singing is marked by a systematic development of the Raaga and brisk, powerful Taans. His singing is a harmonious blend of Kirana and Gwaliar Gharanas. Apart from Khyal he also sings Bhajans, Vachana, Dasara Keerthan and Light music with finesse.
Being received plenty of awards, recognitions and honors throughout his journey of his music life, he has dedicated and devoted his entire life for Classical music and would like to continue his “Guru Parampara” and contribute his best to the Indian Music Culture.


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