'In Unison' Indian Classical with Western & Contemporary Dances

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The Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, is celebrating The International Dance Day, in its own unique way. India stands for ‘University in Diversity’ & with this feeling, we are presenting a magnificent performances of Indian Classical Dances and European Dances, presented individually as well as weaved together to showcase the beautiful bond they create. Through the choreographies, the dancers will portray similarities and the differences between these dances.

Kathak & Bharatnatyam: By Panni Somi & Saumya Shukla
Two Indian Classical Dance forms of North and South India respectively presented together in a soulful choreography

Odissi – By Virag Turi
A serene yet sensual Classical dance from the state of Odisha (East-Coast of India)

Bharatnatyam, Western Contemporary, Jazz Dances – By Panni Somi & Sivasakti Kalananda Dance Troupe
A South Indian Classical dance, Bharatnatyam has some movements similar to those of the Russian Ballet, Jazz dance and the modern day contemporary dance style. The artists will bring together these styles for you with the help of traditional Bharatnatyam , Jazz, Contemporary & Fusion music styles.

Kuchipudi – By Gabriella Toth
The Classical Hindu Temple Dance from the state of Andhra Pradesh (South-East India)

Kathak & Flamenco – By Saumya Shukla, Shankari Shaktini (Flamenco) & Agnes Szabo (Flamenco)
These two dances belong to two countries separated with vast lands, oceans and seas. However, the original Spanish gypsy dance actually originated from the North Indian Classical Dance – Kathak. Dancing on Kathak, Spanish Flamenco and fusion music, the artists will take you though a journey of traditions and emotions similar yet different to each other.

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