Indian Classical Dance Makeup Demo For Beginners – Part02

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  • Published On: 2014-02-26 12:14:45
  • Video Published/Author: Adarsha Dress Palace
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Indian Classical Dance makeup Video – Part 02.

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  1. If he was more kind and respectful to her and her face I would like the educational video. But as he was indeed rude to her, and even had his stuff A LOT DIRTY I feel sorry for the model and not so pleased with the video.
    Perhaps he should try to do a much better video.

  2. She is soooo beautiful without makeup but the makeup is just hideous!! What has he done?! Everything is not the same at all and they should be! Even the lips arent symmetrical!!

  3. She looks so beautiful … when she has no makeup on !!! 
    The girls face looked so beautiful but then the makeup just made her look … disgraceful .. especially the eyes 
    But one thing I learned is that you can remove the makeup easily   …. I'm sorry , but I had to say it ….        🙁

  4. Idea of dance make up is clear.
    But is this person crossed-eyed? He has made it's completely asymmetric  – eyebrows, eye-liner, lips are distorted, tilak looks terrible. Girl is so pretty but  has been made just awful!

  5. srinivas garu you are nothing seriously!
    what are those eyebrows the left one is up..and the lip shape is gone..                     cant u even know to fill up the eye..the entire tilak is worst..n she looks horrible!
    please dont spoil the word MAKEUP ARTIST…

  6. Nice video, very educative for the dancers. make up dependancy will be surely reduced by following this video. Thanks for making this video and providing it the viewers. Good job, keep it up.

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