Indian classical Dances for CEED/NID/UCEED.

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A quick glance to Indian Classical Dances for CEED, NID, UCEED and other design entrance exam.

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  1. One of the most important point about (kathakali dance) is its face expressions which tells alot about feelings
    The expressions are:

    – Sringara (love)

    – Hasya (comedy)

    – Karuna (pity)

    – Rudra (anger)

    – Veeryam (valour)

    – Bhayankaam (fearful)

    – Bheebhatsa (disgusted)

    – Adbhuta (wonder)

    – Shantam (peaceful)

  2. Kaphal studio please made vidio for some important tips for NID entrance exam related please made one vidio for how to crack NID entrance it will be very very helpful.really your vidio themes are really wonderful.i really likes❤️❤️👍

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