Indian Classical Music: The Art of the Sarangi, Raga Shankara .. (Century's recording: Ram Narayan)


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The Art of the Sarangi / North India . Ram Narayan .
*Click to activate the English subtitles for the presentation* (00:00-01:17)
Raga Shankara
I.Alap (00:00)
II.Vilambit tîn-tal (06:41)
III.Drut ektal (17:36)

Raga Baïragi-Bhaïrav
I.Alap (21:26)
II.Vilambit tîn-tal (30:29)
III.Drut tîn-tal (41:16)

Raga Madhuvanti
I.Alap (43:49)
II.Jhaptal (47:32)

Raga Kirvani
I.Alap (54:46)
II.Vilambit ton-tal (57:21)

Sarangi : Ram NARAYAN
Tampura : François AUBOUX
Recorded in 1971, 1979 at Paris & Bombay
New mastering in 2018 by AB (Raga Shankara)
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‘’What Indian music refers to as the raga, or ‘’musical mode’’ is a group of sounds corresponding to a specific emotional climate, on the v-basis of which the musician develops a theme, generally in the form of an improvisation and in accordance with certain rules, to form a musical work.’’ (Alain Daniélou) Raga is also a modal mood. Each Raga creates a different emotional climate. Some express, evoke or inspire joy, others sorrow or serenity etc. For example, Raga Shankara is a very popular raga, which traditionally, is meant to be played during the second half of the night. Raga Madhuvanti is an evening raga, performed at dusk, which according to Ram Narayan expresses desire mingled with confidence.

Indian Classical Music: Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ram Narayan – Morning, Afternoon, Evening & Night Raga:


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