Indian Classical Music – Veena Instrumental – E. Gayathri

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A Divine rendition of Sri Madhava by the famous Veena maestro, Smt E. Gayathri, Carnatic Classical Instrumental Music.

00:03 – Raju Vedale
Raag – Desya Thodi ; Taalam – Roopakam

04:19 – Needhan Mechi Kolla Vendum
Raag – Sri Ranjani ; Taalam – Adi

08:56 – Enna Solli Azhaithal
Raag – Kanada ; Taalam – Adi

Echampati Gayathri, popularly known as “Veena Gayathri” is a veena exponent of the traditional Carnatic music. She was appointed by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J.Jayalalithaa, as the first Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University in November, 2013.

Veena, also spelled as Vina or Been or Bina, is a multi stringed chordophone of the Indian subcontinent. It is an ancient musical instrument that evolved into many variations, such as lutes, zithers and arched harps.

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