mohmmad aman || rag yaman || indian classical music || evening meditation music | yaman raaga

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  • Published On: 2019-10-28 10:07:19
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mohmmad aman || rag yaman || indian classical music || evening meditation music | yaman raaga
singer – mohammad aman
tabla – gulam husain ji
harmonium – pukhraaj ji guru ji
sarngi – liyakat ali khan sahab
live in bikaner at home of respected classical singer shiv ji kalakar ji
special thanks sukha bhai
camera – fateh sikandar
#raagyaman #mohamandamaan #indiancllasicalmusic

  1. Most of the youngsters deviate soon after the reality show. But Md. Arman is totally a dedicated young talent. Definitely he has a bright and long future. Wish him all the best 👍👍

  2. Mohammad Aman, you should go back to the organizers of the Sa Re Ga Ma program, and ask them to organize your shows. They had made the best recordings of your performances.

  3. As usual, very shaky bad video and distracted sound recording of the most outstanding and promising vocal singer to emerge in India in the last decade or so. The stage was also filled with useless faces who were not needed on the stage at all. It seemed that the tablist as well as the Sarangi player both had their own friends and families on stage for support. When are we going to hear this amazing artist on stage with professional video and sound recording technicians in charge of the program?
    Mohammad Aman, please take charge of the quality of recording of your programs, and refuse to perform with some half-witted idiots in charge of the camera and sound recording equipment. Your performances are going waste due to poor quality of recordings. When you listen to your own performance recordings afterwards, are you happy with them? Don't you see that time after time your own voice is drowned by the loud music accompaniment? The harmonium, the drone, the tabla and Sarangi, all drown out your voice. People also keep coming and going while the program is on. Please get rid of ignorant people who seem to surround you, and go to well-established organizers to put on your shows. Otherwise your professional performances will all be a waste.

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