Musical Instruments of India


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Musical Instruments of India

Ghan – described as a non-membranous percussive instrument but with solid resonators. It is one of the oldest classes of instruments in India. It may also be melodic instrument or instrument to keep tal.
1. ghatam
2. kartal
3. majira
4. nout

Avanaddh – described as membranous percussive instrument. This class of instruments typically comprise the drums
1. daf
2. dhol
3. tabla

Sushir – also known as “blown air”. It is characterized by the use of air to excite the various resonators.
1. Shankh
2. Bansuri
3. Suepeti
4. Shehnai

Tat – referred to as “vina” during the old civilization. Instruments in this class are plucked (stringed instrumnets)
1. sitar
2. gotuvadyam
3. ektar
4. gopichand
5. rabab

Vitat – described as bowed stringed instruments. This is one of the oldest classifications of instruments and yet did not occupy a place in classical Indian music until the last few centuries
1. Banam
2. Esraj
3. Chikara
4. Sarangi

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