Ni Padamule | Raga Bhairavi | Jayashree Aravind | Vadyam | Indian Classical music instrumental Veena

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  • Published On: 2021-09-17 16:00:05
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Minna Minni is happy to present Ni Padamule in Raga Bhairavi as the next song in the Vadyam series. This is performed by Smt Jayashree Aravind on the Veena. In Indian Classical music instrumental Veena holds a prominent place.

About the artists:
Jayashree Aravind is a connoisseur of coffee and a musician. She has had her music training under maestros KS Narayanaswamy, T Brinda and also KV Narayanaswamy. She loves spending her solitary days with her Veena, but needs a steady supply of Asterix or Calvin and Hobbes to go with it. Perhaps Agatha Christie for other lazier days.
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Meghana Kumaraswamy is an Experience Designer from Bangalore. She enjoys photography apart from exploring art and dance. Given a chance she would like to clone herself to try her hand at many more skills like weaving, sculpting, farming, learning to fly a plane etc. She takes serious offence when people multitask while watching any series or a movie, especially the Friends Series.
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Video chapters
00:00 – Introduction to Indian Classical music instrumental Veena
02:00 – Start of Vadyam Raga Bhairavi
04:02 – Start of Ni Padamule song

Veena – Jayashree Aravind
Artwork – Meghana Kumaraswamy
Concept and direction – Anugrah Lakshmanan
Thumbnail design – Yuthika Narain
Research – Bhuvanashree Govindasamy
Logo & Title design and animation – Animagic India – Chetan Sharma, Prajaktha Sharma, Gayatri Rao

Are you looking for good classical instrumental music, soft classical instrumental music, best instrumental classical music, or classical instrumental music online? Minna Minni is delighted to present Vadyam, a celebration of Indian classical instrumental music and classical and instrumental music. Among the various forms of classical instrumental music Indian instruments hold a special place. Come enjoy some of the best classical music just instrumental and best classical instrumental music Indian style.

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  1. Nice 👌,🎶🎼, but i have a small request to change your channel name"minna minni" ..because there are no relation between music and channel name😊,,minna minni is suitable for tik talk stars….i will give some suggestions….sangeetha lokam,,,sangeetha lahari,,,, divine music,,,veena nadam etc etc ..

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