Night Ragas : Volume 1 | Audio Jukebox | Classical | Vocal and Instrumental | Various Artists

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The major late night or midnight ragas are profoundly searching creations, full of magic, mystery and the depth of darkness. Some say that the night ragas come into their own in the upper part of the scale, but there are exceptions even to this observation, because nothing can suppress the musical eloquence of ragas like Darbari and Malkauns when they are developed in the lower notes. The night ragas as a whole present a rich feast of emotional colors. This volume presents raga Shuddha Nat, sung by Mallikarjun Mansur, raag Kedar sung by Padma Talwalkar and the playful and light raag Jhinjhoti rendered by Hariprasad Chaurasia’s genius touch of the flute.

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  1. Namaste
    As per the ancient scriptures known as Upanishads there are 4 states of consciousness.
    These are Jagrut or waking which corresponds to the A of Aum
    Next is Swapna or dream state which corresponds to U of Aum
    Next is Sushupti or deep sleep state which corresponds to M of Aum
    And beyond this is the fourth, Turiya or super consciousness which corresponds to the silence after M
    OM thus signifies the totality.
    We can chant it 108 times daily.

  2. Very nice unbelievable alap… can't explain the beauty of this great compositions. I Listen every night I don't know much about the classical music but still it makes me calm down So I listen every night before going to the bed , it helps me sleep well and calm down all my stressful day stress…really great blissful classical music 🎵 🎵 🌷🌷👍🙏 thanks for uploading really appreciate it very much…….God bless all 🙏

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