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This production ‘Odissi Pallavi meets Bindumalini Thillana’ is a blend of Odissi dance performed to a Carnatic Music piece Bindumalini Thillana, an IndianRaga production, composed by Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam, which also weaves in modern electronic and synthesized sounds. Pallavi is integral to the repertoire of Odissi, an Indian Classical Dance from the eastern state of Odisha . Pure Nritta in concept, Pallavi weaves together lyrical movements and sculpturesque poses that exude Lalitya or grace. The choreography here by the dancers, Jeevika Bhat and Pragallva Barpanda, consists of elements from the Odissi dance styles of two great maestros, late Guru Debaprasad Das and the late Padma Vibhusan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Similar to a traditional Odissi Pallavi, this piece starts at a slow pace, moves forward with fast paced movements and ends with a graceful Odissi pose.

Music from IndianRaga Fellowship Production Bindumalini Thillana by Sindhuja Bhakavatsalam, Kamaladeepthi Vempati, Shravan Kumar Ramani, Geetesh Iyer, Agastya Sridharan, Ashwin Seshadri, Kavitha Jayaraman and Nagaari.
Watch the music video at https://youtu.be/s3RiiYWGRl8

The artists can be reached at
Jeevika Bhat

Pragallva Barpande

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