Raag Darbari Kanada – Indian Classical

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A rendition of Instrumental Music | Raga Darbari Kanada | Indian Classical Music

Raag Darbari Kanadaa –
Darbari Kanada, or simply Raga Darbari, (pronounced darbari kanada), is a raga in the Kanada family, which is thought to have originated in Carnatic music and brought into North Indian music by Miyan Tansen, the legendary 16th-century composer in emperor Akbar’s court. This tradition is reflected in the name itself; Darbar is the Persian derived word in Hindi meaning “court.” As the most familiar raga in the Kanada family, it may sometimes also be called Shuddha Kanada or pure Kanada. It belongs to the Asavari thaat. This raag is called Kannada in Yakshagana.

Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western music (both liturgical and secular). It encompasses a broad span of time from roughly the 11th century to the present day. The two main traditions of classical music are Carnatic music, found predominantly in the peninsular regions, and Hindustani music, found in the northern, eastern and central regions. The basic concepts of this music includes shruti (microtones), swara (notes), alankar (ornamentations), raga (melodies improvised from basic grammars), and tala (rhythmic patterns used in percussion). Its tonal system divides the octave into 22 segments called shrutis, not all equal but each roughly equal to one quarter of a whole tone of Western music.

  1. Classical music, be it Carnatic or Hindustani originates from Sam Ved, dating more than 4 billion years ago
    Where was the so called West then
    Sanatanam prevailed mostly
    Beg your pardon from the album makers for calling Sanatani Divine music as West….

  2. This brings a plethora of emotions on the surface which somehow were burried deep in the heart! Sorrow, love, becoming one, sadness, loss, longing and so on..

  3. best ❣️ part of whole concert is @2:00, @3:00 & 6:10. all though whole video was marvelous 😍
    felling lucky for hearing this super melodies. incredible india. thanks Geetanjali for uploading such soothing music .🙏

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