Ravi Shankar – Morning Raga-

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From the album Three Ragas

  1. I got to see Ravi and George Harrison in concert, around 1976. I remember sitting in my chair after the show was over, alone, stoned and stood up by the girl I had invited. The audience was almost gone, a security guard was approaching and I was so relaxed I didn't care. I thanked him for his concern and we chatted for a few minutes as simply two regular people that just had a shared exoerience at a great musical event.
    Ravi Shankar was hypnotic, and that other guy that played that night wasn't too shabby either! One of the best dates I've ever had!

  2. What's ironic is that most Indians don't listen to this kind of music at all.
    They either enter into the Bhajan Geets which they think will solve their problems by pleasing the God.

  3. June 3rd 2022 May everyone who sees this be blessed may you know peace Beyond Your Wildest Dreams may all your wildest dreams come true may you bless others with your abundance may you and your family be blessed for all of eternity

  4. e´ una musica che parla direttamente allo spirito, all´anima.
    quasi non servono le orecchie.
    se chiudi gli occhi vedi davanti a te solo un sentiero luminescente, una via da percorrere, non importa dove possa condurre, non importa il dove e il quando, importa muovere il pensiero per quell sentiero.

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