Relaxing, Calm Indian Classical Music – radio broadcast recording – Raag Purya Kalyan, Pannalal Gosh


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The great maestro and pioneer of Hindustani classical flute music, late Pt. Pannalal Ghosh was born on 24th July, 1911 at Barisal, now in Bangladesh. His real name was Amal Jyoti Ghosh. He was brought up in a family of musicians – grandfather, Har Kumar Ghosh, father, Akshay Kumar Ghosh and maternal uncle, Bhavaranjan were proficient musicians. Mother, Sukumari (from the Majumdar family of Dhaka), was a sweet singer. Young Pannalal was highly receptive and absorbed good music from various sources.

Pannalal Ghosh was a great innovator indeed! He was the first to transform a tiny folk instrument to a novel bamboo flute (32 inches long with 7 holes) suitable for playing traditional Indian classical music, and also to uplift its stature, bringing it at par with other classical music instruments. He is also accredited with the creation of a special bass flute, and introduction of the 6-stringed Tanpura, high-pitched Tanpuri and Surpeti into Hindustani music. Pannababuji’s innovations are of great significance because there have been rare examples in the world’s modern history of music when a musical instrument was created, as well as popularly accepted along with traditionally established instruments.
One of Pannababu’s significant contributions was that he gave the Bansuri an independent identity among the acknowledged traditional instruments like the Been, Sitar, Sarod and Sarangi. In his performances, he essentially rendered the Khayal Gayaki in its fullness. He played compositions set to such Talas as Jhoomra and Tilwada, which today is almost unheard of, by present day flautists. He then proceeded into Madhyalaya structures and finally the Tarana style, which afforded several elements of Tantkari including Jhala techniques, played on plucked instruments like Sitar and Sarod.
As a composer and conductor of National Orchestra at All India Radio, he will be remembered forever for his significant contribution. Pannababu’s music direction and flute playback in film music will go a long way and will be remembered by every music connoisseur forever. His innovation of self composed Ragas is a commendable work of creativity in Indian Classical Music.


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