Soulful Violin | Raag Tilak Kamod | Kala Ramnath & Yogesh Samsi | Music of India

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► #darbarfestival | Kala Ramnath plays her singing violin in Raag Tilak Kamod accompanied by the talented Yogesh Samsi on tabla. Music of India.

Kala Ramnath (violin)
Pandit Yogesh Samsi (tabla)
Srutti Suresan (tanpura)

Raag Tilak Kamod
that: kalyan, samay: evening

Recorded at the Darbar Festival 2019 in London.


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Kala Ramnath is an amazing violinist who slides her fingers to produce a very natural and vocalistic style. She was born in Chennai to a family that included esteemed violinists TN Krishnan and N Rajam. She learnt the North Indian form from the renowned Pandit Jasraj. This gave her a very unique approach to her music – this apparent when she presents Hindustani classical music and also incorporates ideas from her South Indian roots.

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“Like an angel in human form. Just to watch her play is an extraordinary thing. She has this tremendously relaxed, sublime way of playing that draws you in immediately. She’s known for her incredibly lyrical playing…She’s one of the greatest musicians on the planet.” [Terry Riley]

Tilak kamod is distinct from rag Kamod (vide). Tilak kamod is equally popular in the semi-classical genres as it is in classical music, especially in the dhrupad tradition.


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  1. Absolutely soul-stirring notes of Raag Tilok Kamod played with sparks of brilliance and passion. I know I got a rare gem to listen to for life. My most meaningful thanks to the artists and the channel.

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