Sudha Ragunathan | Raga Abheri | Carnatic Melody | Music of India

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#darbarfestival | “My mentor always told me ‘don’t reproduce from A to Z everything that I do, try bringing your own innovations…your little creative touches.” (Sudha Ragunathan)
Learn more about the music:
Sudha Ragunathan is a leading light of Carnatic song. She learned bhajans from her mother V. Choodamani in childhood, and went on to be the star disciple of ML Vasanthakumari. Her guru set demanding standards (“you had to do much of the research or learning yourself – listening to her old tapes and looking at her notations in her notebooks. It was very challenging because hers was a very difficult style”).

She kept her studies up alongside her music, enjoying zoology, botany, and chemistry and sometimes dreaming of being a gynaecologist. But music’s allure proved too strong in the end. She has gone on to release over 200 albums, as well as writing for Tamil cinema and working on fusion projects. Outside of music she set up the Samudhaaya Foundation, that provides healthcare to those who cannot afford it.

“I can create different colours, different emotions, I can treat the raga differently, approach the composition in my own style…but I must keep in mind that I should not trespass the tapestry of the definition of the raga.” (Sudha Ragunathan)

Abheri is a janya [derived] raga, based on notes from the parent scale of Kharaharapriya (22nd Melakarta raga) – akin to Kafi thaat or the Western Dorian mode. In aroha it is SG₂M₁PN₂S, and in avroh it follows SN₂D₂PM₁G₂R₂S, closely mirroring the structure of Hindustani Raag Bhimpalasi.
Thyagaraja wrote kritis in it, and it is still popular in full form as well as for tukda [‘little pieces’]. L. Shankar’s doubleneck electric violin recording of Abheri earned him a Grammy nomination.

Recorded for Darbar on 21 Sep 2013, at London’s Southbank Centre
-Sudha Ragunathan (vocal)
-Jyotsna Srikanth (violin)
-Patri Satish Kumar (mridangam)
-RN Prakash (ghatam)
-Kiruthika Nardaraja (tanpura)

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  1. സ്ഥിരം മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ സുദ രഹുനാഥിന്റെ ഈ കച്ചേരി കേൾക്കുന്നവർ

  2. Music meant for gods. Deeply appreciated 🙏 beautiful sending much love heavenly art for the soul and ears. Thank you so much

  3. Darbar festival you have given the wrong aarohanam and avarohanam for the ragam Abheri in the description .It is actually:

    Aarohanam – S R2 G1 M1 P D2 S
    Avarohanam -S N1 D2 P M1 G1 R2 S

  4. Hello. I'm from middle America. I've become a big fan of carnatic music and the world of alternative musical scales such as this. I know very little about musical culture other than western music types.

    I have a question about this performance from this video in particular. Are these performers considered "professionals" in their own culture by their own people? I'm entertained by what I hear, but I do not know if this performance is indicative of true India cultured music, or if it's influenced by other music styles that I am also unfamiliar with. I would love to hear back about these questions. Great performance!

  5. nagumOmu ganalEni
    raagam: aabhEri

    22 karaharapriya janya
    Aa: S G2 M1 P N2 S
    Av: S N2 D2 P M1 G2 R2 S

    taaLam: aadi
    composer: Tyaagaraaja
    Language: Telugu


    nagumOmu ganalEni nAjAli telisi nanu brOvaga rAdA shrI raghuvara nI


    nagarAjadhara nIdu paraivAra lella ogibOdhana jEsE vAralu gArE yiTu luNDudure


    khagarAju nI yAnati vini vEga canalEdO gaganAni kilaku bahu dUrambaninAdO 
    jagamEle paramAtma evaritO moraliDudu vaga jUpaku tALanu nannElukOra tyAgarAjanuta nI

  6. My fav Raaga is Abheri , just i listen i feel heaven , and also Sudha amma my fav carnatic singer her voice is too devine Thanks to Darbar festival ,Im waiting for Sudharagunadhan's next performance love u DARBAR

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