Sufi Kathak: Indian Classical Dance | Latest Sufi Music 2018

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Dance of the soul seeking the gift of divine love……….

Sufi Kathak brings the mysticism of Sufi poetry and music to the narrative beauty and grace of classical Kathak, lending a new divine dimension by fusing the dancing styles of the whirling dervishes of Turkey with Kathak. This piece soaks up the spiritual blend to express the emotion of love…… love, the most beautiful gift you can give someone. Evocative poetry leads to subtle music, which then moves to fast paced Bols, intricate Kathak footwork, Tukdas and the celebrated twirls or Chakkars, to finally end on a soft  note.

Choreographed by Sonali Loomba, this item is performed by Cyenthia Vijayakumar, Sonali Loomba, Eshani Sathe, Shivani Badgi and Kirthana Bhat. The music was especially composed for this piece by IndianRaga fellow Kartik Raman. The costumes too have been specially designed to match the Sufi costumes worn in turkey. Acknowledgement to IndianRaga Fellow Sunil Sunkara for artistic consultation

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  1. Kathak was originally temple dance(400bce) dedicated to gods also called as devdasi , later it evolved into story telling and still remained as temple dance dedicated to Radha Krishna mostly performed by vaishnavism sect.

    After mughals arrived kathak was transformed to mujra the dance of prositicute and was culturally appropriate d later got diluted finally lost during British era when all dance forms stopped.

    After independence kathak was bought back by birju maharaj in it orginal form and I hope people continue performing Kathak in its original form rather than diliuted version it would be huge disrespect to art otherwise.

  2. நடன அமைப்பு இசைக்கு தகுந்தபடி இல்லை இருப்பினும் உங்கள் பாவனை நன்றாக உள்ளது இதே நடனத்தை சற்று வேகப்படுத்தினாள் அழகாக இருக்கும்

  3. BEAUTIFUL CHOREOGRAPHY,BEAUTIFUL DANCE,also what is amazing is that you combine both Indian and Arabic Style Music.
    What is also Beautiful is the Anarkali Dresses which are designed Beautifully especially the flaring as they twirl.
    I hope that you can create a Fushion of Kathak and Modern Pop Music,like songs from Ed Sheeren,Mia,and many others.
    God Bless You all,and a Blessed New Year 2019!!

    P.S: I would like to know,who designed those dresses and is there maybe a website,or Facebook group?

  4. Wooooow😍😍😍I've a GIF from this performance… I have been searching for it for so long😢😱 n finally !♤♡
    Love the combination of indian classical music + Arabic music
    Loooove from the Arabic world💖

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