Tabla Trap Padhant Dance Cover: Kathak | Indian Classical Dance

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Nimble footwork, rhythmic claps, “chakkars”………..the sheer joy of dancing ……….

This is Kathak dance with a difference. Classical Kathak steps recreate the high energy of a modern fusion of Western Trap music and Indian Padhant. The dancers weave patterns of movement in response to the Padhant or vocal percussion, arms swaying to musical notes, feet keeping rhythm with beats of the Tabla, expressive eyes conveying their joy of dancing.

The team of Sonali Loomba, Cyenthia Vijayakumar, Eshani Sathe,  Kirthana Bhat, and  Shivani Badgi perform to IndianRaga’s Fusion music production ‘Trap Padhant’. Idea conceptualized by Sonali Loomba and Choreographed by Eshani Sathe.

Music video by IndianRaga Fellows Sunil Sunkara, Anirudh Sharma and Mahesh Raghvan supported by other Fellows.

The artists can be reached at
Sonali Loomba
Facebook :

Shivani Badgi

Cyenthia Vijayakumar

Eshani Sathe

Kirthana Bhat

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  1. that moment of realization, when I didn't look at the dancers as dancers but as 5 senses and how wonderful it is when all the 5 senses are in sync, happy, and dance in a rhythm 🙂

  2. ❤️🧡💛❤️🧡💛🧡❤️💛🧡❤️❤️💛🧡
    I can't recall how many times I've watched this dance video

  3. U know what I love about this dance with these girls they show their feet movements.not once did u hide anything. hats off 2 u and yrs.may u be so blessed in yr ministry of also a Kathak dancer in training..thank u 4 uploading this.. from the Caribbean 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹…

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