What is a Tanpura? Kaushiki Chakraborty Explains | Musical Wonders of India

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#darbarfestival | Patiala singer Kaushiki Chakraborty discusses the role of the tanpura, ubiquitous as the rich sonic backdrop to Indian classical performances of the North and South.

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– Amazing Puriya Kalyan | Kaushiki Chakraborty | https://youtu.be/DWLFnfaOL3s

Learn more about the music:

Kaushiki Chakraborty’s astonishing vocal technique is the result of years of intense training. She spent much of her childhood living at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, one of India’s premiere music institutions, while her father Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty worked there. Staff at the academy are said to recall how she would respond to melodic phrases at six months old, and how she was singing tarana and bhajan before the age of two. Quickly hailed as a prodigy, she entered the concert arena early to great acclaim, performing widely while also earning a Masters in Philosophy from Calcutta University.

She hails from the Patiala gharana, known for a strong Islamic influence and elaborate melodic ornamentation, and is one of the first female singers from her tradition to receive international recognition. Today she mainly focuses on classical music, but has also sung in films and recorded popular songs. She also leads Sakhi, a diverse group of female musicians and dancers, and explains that the project “is about understanding, from a female perspective, the diverse culture of India through all its traditional musical forms.”

The interview is part of ‘Musical Wonders of India’ curated by Darbar and the V&A Museum in London. View the full online exhibition at http://www.darbar.org/wonders & http://www.vam.ac.uk/musicalwonders. Special thanks to the exhibition’s donors: Arumugam Raveendran, Charu Shahane, Late Charanjit (Kugi) Vohra, The Helen Hamlyn Trust, Jagdeep Shah, Mohinder Virdee, Nishant Bhaskar, Nomadic Dairy, Ranbir Attwal, Sandeep Kandola, Satish & Divya Jeram, Seetal Mann, Sreecumaar, Sandeep Virdee

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  2. The sound of the koel and her vocals always make me cry. Takes me back to my childhood, summer vacations, my Nani cutting mangoes and melons, and playing cricket with my cousins till maghrib. Her voice reaches deep in my heart and gives me goosebumps. Absolutely beautiful

  3. I have always loved this instrument, and style of music.
    As a young man, my first introduction to Indian music was, from The Beatles.
    A long life, with many twists ans turns, always leads me back to music.
    Thanks for sharing, and wishing you continued success.

  4. Hello mam…
    I am Mona from India….
    I want to learn Indian classical music which tanpura I shld buy for learning Indian classical music I am not sure about the scales specially ….
    I love tanpura but which on I slhd buy manual or electronic tanpura….
    Thank you for the vedio …
    It means a lot…..

  5. If u r singing in C…then how to tune your Tanpura App. on my Cell? What is Semi Pitch for?

    If First string is Pa…or G….so you are in Key G or???…how can Pitch be C sharp instead of C?

  6. In one of Kaushiki's interviews I have heard her saying that her Guru and Papa Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty gifter her this tanpura on her 20th birthday. This video is very informative. Thanks

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