When You Grow Up: Indian Classical Dance Presentation by London Labs


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The team from London Raga labs presents Children’s Day Special!

From sweet cherubic baby ………….into a woman of substance

Leaps of imagination, the excitement of possibilities, weaving dreams for the future……all this encapsulated into this dance piece that blends Indian classical dances Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, and is performed to IndianRaga’s music production “Laali Laali”, Telugu lullaby originally composed by Illayaraja for the movie Swathi Muthyam.

The dancers depict a baby girl surrounded by tender love and celebration. What does her future hold? Will she grow up into a graceful, nimble-footed dancer, or an erudite brilliant academic, maybe a stylish model or a beautiful actress, a nurturing, loving mother or perhaps an agile, proficient sportswoman?? It’s her choice to make……..

Performed by
Rithika Ravishankar (Kuchipudi)
Shreya Suresh (Bharatanatyam)
Ashwini Deshpande (Bharatanatyam)
Kohinoor Darda (Kuchipudi)
Chiinthu Sarvan (Bharatanatyam)

Creative Lead: IndianRaga Fellow Sophia Salingaros.

Watch the music video at https://youtu.be/hn9JKbeXKTM

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