1 Orchestra | 30 Film & TV Themes [Orchestral Film & TV Music Arrangement]


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30 orchestra themes from popular Film and TV soundtracks arranged into a continuous 30-minute performance for orchestra by Stuart Bramwell. Without mutes – https://youtu.be/Mh-q4iG6Q5s
1 Orchestra 5 Movie Studio Intros!! – https://youtu.be/52qNx1RWDIQ
00:00 Avatar – Becoming One Of The People (Horner)
01:18 Game Of Thrones – Titles (Ramin Djawadi)
02:10 Star Trek Next Generation – Titles – (Jerry Goldsmith) *MUTED*
02:35 How To Train Your Dragon – Romantic Flight (John Powell)
03:45 How To Train Your Dragon – This Is Berk (John Powell)
04:00 How To Train Your Dragon – Test Drive (John Powell)
04:30 How To Train Your Dragon – Together We Map The World (John Powell)
05:00 The Lord Of The Rings – The Shire (Howard Shore)
05:42 Wall-E – Define Dancing (Thomas Newman)
06:16 How To Train Your Dragon – Forbidden Friendship (John Powell)
08:23 Harry Potter – Titles (John Williams)
08:43 Harry Potter – Defending Hogwarts (Alexandre Desplat)
09:28 Harry Potter – Hedwig’s Theme (John Williams)
10:00 Overwatch – Victory Theme (Neal Acree)
10:45 Monster Hunter: World – Bazelgeuse (Tadayoshi Makino)
10:50 Interstellar – Cornfield Chase (Hans Zimmer)
12:41 Downton Abbey – Titles (John Lunn)
14:55 Howls Moving Castle – Merry-Go-Round of Life (Joe Hisaishi) *MUTED*
15:56 How To Train Your Dragon – Furies In Love (John Powell)
17:08 Star Trek Into Darkness – Sub-Prime Directive (Michael Giacchino) *MUTED*
18:05 Inception – Time (Hans Zimmer)
20:50 The Mandalorian – Titles (Ludwig Göransson)
21:45 Jurassic Park – Titles (John Williams)
22:42 ET – Forest Chase (John Williams)
23:20 The Peacemakers – Titles (Stuart Bramwell)
23:50 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Titles (James Newton Howard)
25:06 Avengers: Endgame – Portals (Alan Silvestri)
26:04 Star Wars – Imperial March (John Williams)
26:30 IT – Titles (Benjamin Wallfisch)
27:30 How To Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World (John Powell)
29:12 *CREDITS* Music – ‘Flying High’ – (Stuart Bramwell)

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Composition/Arrangement/Recording/Editing/Concertmaster – Stuart Bramwell
Conductor – Konstantinos Terzakis
Piano – Valerie Tjota


-This recording took place right before the COVID-19 virus outbreak, resulting in limitations in the size of the ensemble (no woodwinds/brass due to particulates in the air).
– With the exception of ‘The Peacemakers’ and ‘Flying High’, all of this music was written by other composers and ONLY arranged by Stuart Bramwell.
– This arrangement was NOT performed live to an audience and won’t be in the future either. This is strictly a student-led recording in an educational institute (music conservatoire).
– Live performance sheet music / parts will NOT be distributed in any way.
– Yes I like the HTTYD score, can you tell?


If you DO NOT want your music featured in this arrangement, submit a shared revenue claim on the video and I will mute the segment out in response, as I have already done with a few of the pieces.
I WILL NOT accept shared revenue ‘cover’ claims on this video. This is because YouTube calculates the share based on the *total* video revenue, and not based on the segment you claim.

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