A Breathtaking Piano Piece – Jervy Hou

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  • Published On: 2011-03-11 10:26:41
  • Video Published/Author: Jervy Hou
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Sheet music available @: http://goo.gl/C5ap94


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Performing an original of mine, “A Breathtaking Piano Piece.”
Download the sheet music here: http://goo.gl/C5ap94

  1. I wait on the shore 🌊
    every evening to watch the wave,
    In the mirror of the golden rays 🌈
    Maybe I can see your loving face.

    My every breath that
    touches the rays of twilight,
    Maybe it will give me
    the feeling of your love too.

    1026 AM 25-May-2022
    Kathmandu Nepal

  2. I know this video came out a while back and I've read all the wonderful comments. Yet here we are 2022 and the whole world is up side down. With what is going on in Ukraine with Russia's invasion, the 5 minutes of this video made me forget all the carnage. To the brave people of Ukraine, this piece is for you. God Bless. And thank you Jervy for this beautiful masterpiece

  3. Heard this today for the first time and it truly reached my heart ❤️ thank you and you’re truly blessed with so much talent. May God be with you always🌺🌹💞🌈

  4. This is a beautiful piece. The way the key is arranged and the way it hit my ears when I heard the first few notes I instantly recognized how wonderful this piece is. Bravo.

  5. It’s true that life, for the most part, is about the choices we make. The serpent knows that well when he challenged his Maker and thought he could go against his Maker. He got thrown out of the heavens and got transformed from something beautiful and glorious into something ugly and defiled. All the Creator had to do was destroy the serpent’s soul but HE has a plan. And not everything is black and white. Sometimes an innocent person can commit a crime without understanding the consequences. The serpent’s evidence is always tainted and subjective.

  6. Its ok, seems to be the same melody over and over, at different pitch and pace. Certainly not breath taking. Good yes. Thank you for playing this and posting this video for all of us to see your talent and expertise.

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