CASIO XW-P1 Performance Synthesizer

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  • Published On: 2012-05-30 21:58:45
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Showing off CASIO’s latest synthesizer XW-P1.
This video was made right after delivery.
Read my review in OKEY-magazine #107.


  1. One of the most under-rated synthesizers. Whenever one of the synth facebook groups has somebody asking what budget synth or beginner synth to buy, I often list the XW-P1 as one of my suggestions. Nice demo.

  2. Adquiri um teclado xwp1 recentemente e preciso aprender a programar como teclado principal, para ticar musicas comuns, mas não consigo, você não poderia me dar umas dicas ou gravar um tutorial?

  3. I have the 7600 and am finally learning how to record and really use it. these looks great. I am glad I got the 7600 first. can't wait to get this and have 2 at the same time

  4. Taí um instrumento que da gosto tocar, a CASIO mandou muito bem em fazer esse teclado, alem do preço não ser tão caro, é sem duvida um dos teclados mais modernos do mercado, não é um teclado arranjador, mas tem todos os timbres, muito bom, aliás excelente teclado.

  5. Olá, na função "Performance" eu não consigo utilizar o "Hex Layer" nas Parts 2, 3 e 4, apenas na Part 1. Gostaria de saber como faço para utilizar. Abraço!! 🙂

  6. Casio has very strong legacy and credibility in music making.  And even though I am not much of a fan of the CZ-series, I love the FZ, and VZ-series.  These were fantastic instruments.  Didn't sell well because of the Casio toy keyboard stigma, but that doesn't bother me, and it didn't bother David Brian to have no less than six Casio FZ-10M's in his racks of modules.  I also liked the HT-series, especially the HT-6000 with its resonant VCF and four DCO's per voice.  The new offerings of Casio including the Privia weighted affair are quite impressive, but the iPad cheese box gotta go outta window, sorry 🙂

  7. impressed with the sound? what do you mean? the fact that it aliases at anything past the 4th octave, the hissy output? or maybe its the weak output you like. please explain. Today the words CASIO and SYNTH should not even belong together.

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