Dave Grohl – Smells Like Teen Spirit (@ the Ford)

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Check out the teaser trailer for the documentary I am producer…


If you’re interested, check out the version with only Dave’s isolated drums—https://youtu.be/xgklKWtc5gk Plus, more Foo stuff on my IG feed… @bernstorm5000

(Pardon the rolling shutter in the first half. Wanted to change the setting, but I would have missed the beginning of the song.)

At Dave’s book release event for “The Storyteller” (at the Ford-Los Angeles, October 12, 2021). I’ve seen him play this song on the drums once or twice over the years (like at Cal Jam), but usually with a guest singer. This is the first time I’ve seen him play along to the original track—with Kurt’s voice. What an emotional, funny, revealing, memorable night. Now gotta go read the book.

For those of you who have commented about how hard this must be for Dave…

I agree… it probably wasn’t easy for DG to get to this point where he was willing to share. At the show (and in his book and many interviews) he actually talked about the long path it took to get to not only TALK about Kurt, but to even want to listen to ANY music after his death. Still, a lot of time has passed, which always helps. And in the meantime, Dave has become quite a talented, thoughtful storyteller. I am sure, as difficult as it will always be to him, it probably also now a cathartic experience for him. At least I hope it is.

More from the show… https://youtu.be/spGIAyPM_ck

(I posted photos and a little more video on my instagram—@bernstorm5000. There are many other shots of the Foos throughout my IG feed… and I also created the IG hashtag #album5000 for many of my rock shots.)

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  1. Dave Grohl is an absolutely, all around, great Talented Musician and an exceptional Drummer. Definitely in my top 5.
    So many greats but pure Talents like him, not as many…

  2. Dave once said in an interview that his job with Nirvana was to beat the s**t out of his drums every night. After watching this video, I can say that a more precise description does not exist.

  3. Eu estou toda arrepiada olhando esse vídeo, que massa e emocionante! Um dos melhores bateristas que o Nirvana teve e nesse momento deve tá passando um turbilhão de lembranças na cabeça dele. Grande Dave! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  4. I’m 57, love all kinds of music, played lead guitar in country bands since I was 15, and I’ve spent so many hours studying this guy and Nirvana. That band made every cool or not cool gear disappear from pawn shops Nation wide and Squire guitar made a fortune of this bands total tribute to youth making a noise and singing as good as they could. Kurt changed the world saying nothing, just playing ! The band changed the world playing with everything they had while Kurt was an instrument that will never be matched in his messages and delivery. . So many of people have lost to depression, and it has to stop! Don’t assume your cool buddy is cool… get over to wherever and say something. War changed me, but I’m gonna play Waylon and Merle till I lose a fight with God not by my hand.

  5. Awesome performance. You can really tell how Dave's technique have improved. I mean, he was always GREAT, but now he's ascended to a very humble god among men.

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