Hans Zimmer live @ Pirates At World's End Premiere

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Hans Zimmer live at the premiere from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

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  1. 999k views, so very close!
    Also, listening to this with an earbud in my left ear and crappy mall music being ignored in the right ear truly tells me that we favor beautiful music when there’s a side-by-side comparison.

  2. Truly epic hans zimmer is leagues apart ……. Allways gives the chills …. I love French horn not sure why Indian movies do not use it much

  3. Que arte!!! Tantos instrumentos, tantas personas y que todo se una para poder crear está obra…es simplemente hermoso😍😍 que cantidad de emociones puede llegar a generar Hans Zimmer

  4. Wow the Pirates of the Caribbean has a dramatic impact on my life!! His beautiful music has helped me.from killing myself but after listening to this then I knew I had a purpose in this world to love and to make that person love me and to love l me and we gonna love a lo g live together and after die

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