Hans Zimmer – Lost But Won

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Movie Rush.
Unofficial Music video.

  1. Call me crazy… but sometimes… I sit in my car, it has 220 HP, I know, it's not ferrari, but it's pretty strong car, then I place this song in my car to play, I remember YOU AYRTON… and I want to push it to the limit, my eyes are teary in that moment while this song is playing, car is going 140/h, 160/h, 180/h… 190/h… and it's not even highway… I am destroyed by emotions…, tear is falling down my cheeks, everythin in the road is becoming one with me… I know if I push it even further I will die… I will… and don't want too… I didn't want you Senna to die, but you were THE BEST OF THE BEST… One day I will see you in Heaven… and you will show me everything, love you man… REST IN PEACE. P.S. Who will understand me will, who won't… it's no problem. Greets from Croatia…

  2. Every year 25 drivers stop each season at Formula one, and each year 2 of us die. What person does a job like this, not normal people for sure. Rebels, lunatics, dreamers. People who are desperate to make a mark and prepared to die trying. My name is Nikki Lauda, and racing people know me for two things. One, is my rivalry with him( James hunt played by Chris Hemsworth). I don’t know why it was a big thing, we were just two drivers , busting each other’s balls. To me that’s perfectly normal, whatever it was between us, others saw it differently. The other things I’m remembered for is what happened on 1st August 1976 when I chased him… like an asshole

  3. Loved the movie. This is the one thing I hated: Formula 1 looks way faster in actuality than in this footage. With CGI, they surely could have conveyed speed more effectively than that.

  4. Bellissimo film 🎥 la musica coinvolgente uomini che rischiavano la propria vita x dimostrare il loro valore nel correre da pazzi ma Eroi del tempo perché correre in quelle condizioni atmosferiche e a quel tempo senza le precauzioni e tecnologie di oggi ci voleva coraggio c'è poco da Dire

  5. To this day, anyone involved in the racing world, regardless of which type of racing they're into, knows the names James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. Two of the greatest legends to ever set foot the racetracks. Rest well, racers.

  6. After the F1 theme song, this is the second soundtrack that also conveys the spirit of Formula 1, the spirit of speed, the spirit of competition. Both soundtracks are unique.

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