Hans Zimmer Tutorial: How to Orchestrate Hype

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I promised I would make this tutorial if my “4 Levels of Orchestral Music: Noob to Hans Zimmer” video reached 250k views.
It’s now at 400k views, so I had to publish this.
Let’s talk about how Hans Zimmer (and many other composers & producers) create hype and tension in their music. Explained in FL Studio.
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  1. Before the "but Klaus Badelt wrote He's A Pirate" comments flow in:
    I think this specific arrangement is a Medley that plays during the credits at the end of the third movie, which was scored by Hans Zimmer & his team (Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho).
    While the arrangement itself contains the theme by Klaus Badelt, I think the passage I explained here was added in this HZ Arrangement.
    That's why I credit it to the Hans Zimmer gang.

  2. Hey Alex! I found out about your tutorials just recently, and I really like them! You've got my subscription 🙂 But I have a question for you.. I downloaded Layers but I don't know how to use it in FL Studio. And by the way, on the website it says that "FL Studio shows performance issue with SINE Player". Did you have such experience?

  3. Hay alex! Thank you for this kind of knowledge.
    Can you make a full tutorial series. Including everything about orchestral music , module wise.
    Like midi pattern use, scoring tips tricks, license. Everything from start to finish, A to Z .

  4. so i made an orchestra piece and was wondering if i can send it to you and you review it??? on things i did wrong, what i did right and what i could change

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