How To Train Your Dragon – Epic Orchestral Medley [ Kāru ]

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“There were Dragons when I was a boy”

I always do my best to stray away from doing covers/medleys of songs that are already orchestrated in the first place, let alone an entire soundtrack that was performed by a professional orchestra and composed by one of the greatest modern composers ever.

When HTTYD won the Orchestral Vote two months back, I was very worried that I won’t be able to deliver. Despite it being one of my favourite soundtracks of all time, I thought to myself that I wasn’t skilled enough as a composer to tackle even one piece from it. I’m no John Powell, but I knew that all of you were eager for me to do it.

So began, a two-month musical journey of composing non-stop until 5 AM in the early morning. This experience has opened up a lot of new ideas for me in regards to orchestration. I normally stayed away from listening to masterpieces like John Powell’s score because of the anxiety that it brings to me echoes, thoughts that I will probably never achieve a sound close to it…

BUT, by allowing myself to immerse in the works of the greats, made me realize the little details you won’t really hear on first listen. It was surreal, it was like using a microscope to discover a whole completely different environment that brings life to the world. I then knew I can only improve if I surround myself with works from every spectrum.

As I went on, the ideas began coming in and the piece became more ambitious. It was a challenge to find a way of making my work unique from the plethora of fantastic covers done by other talented composers. So I thought to myself of using a balance of different unique aspects.

Aside from larger instrumentation, additional counter melodies, and structural differences, I also opted to use unconventional instruments for a few pieces in the medley, Not just to make it unique, but as a message (and middle finger) to backwards-thinking purists, believing that an orchestra should not contain unconventional instruments like synths or rock guitars.

I’m not against a purist orchestra, but I am against the “enforcement” of a purist orchestra, and to those who support said enforcement of traditional norms, You’re boring, and the song in this medley, “Sticks & Stones” is specifically composed for you 😏🔥

I had the honour of working with an old friend, Haley Collins, or as most of you may know her as @its_draconix. She has been amazing with helping me out with previous compositions, now she has collaborated with a specific song in the medley by providing some truly fantastic vocals! Fun fact: She was originally the set vocalist for my Dragonhearted orchestration before TimCvo!👀

I also had the honour of having @Nugis Drawing on board to work with some unconventional instruments as well! 👀

After 2 months of hard work, the finished piece is what you’re about to hear now. I’ve learned that sometimes in life, you have to tackle that one thing you’re trying to avoid, because surrounding yourself with works that are unfamiliar gives you the best opportunity to learn.

So did I deliver? Well, that’s on you to decide! 😉

00:00 Overture
01:17 This is Berk
03:59 Forbidden Friendship
07:03 Race to The Edge Theme
07:49 Flying With Mother
10:35 For the Dancing and the Dreaming
13:24 Stoick’s Ship
17:06 Sticks and Stones [ Feat. Nugis Drawing ] 19:05 Romantic Flight
20:58 Furies in Love
22:55 Where No One Goes [ Feat. Haley Collins ] 25:40 Once There Were Dragons ( Prelude )
29:12 Finale – Test Drive
32:00 Credits

Tracks that are Exclusive to this Medley video are the following:
– Race to The Edge Theme
– Once There Were Dragons ( Prelude ) ( Available on Streaming Services )
– Credits


🎶 Terms of Use:
🎺 Feel free to use this in your own content as long as you provide proper credits to me, and the original artists/composers. Do not reupload these as is, or as part of compilation videos. I am not responsible for any copyright-related issues initiated by third parties.

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  1. This is the largest piece I've ever done, so please consider sharing this video or directly supporting me on KoFi! It means a lot! 💛✨
    Now available on major streaming services! 🎵🔥
    Also check out its_draconix and Nugis Drawing for their fantastic contributions to this medley! 🐉💛🎼

  2. I'm imagining this playing at a concert hall as i listen and honestly that would be the coolest thing ever! i'd totally buy tickets to an orchestra to hear this playing live

  3. Been listening to this while revising for exams and it's been a really great mood-booster. Thank you for such a great musical and nostalgic composition.

  4. The score of HTTYD was and still is one of my favourite pieces of music of all time. And I thought it could never get any better! The Test Drive remaster had me in tears

    P.S. Could you please try a remaster of the score from Star Trek, it would be amazing

  5. RACE TO THE EDGE WAS SOOOO GOOOD! I could always rewatch and never get bored EVER. The starts of the actual Hiccup and Astrid relationship. It was so adorable! I feel like people should watch the HTTYD series as well since it will make much more sense to connect to HTTYD 2. Like people should watch Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk and Race To The Edge as it is so underrated. MANNN, i wish i have more friends to talk about the series. My irl friends only watch the movie but aren't as interested as me. I know HTTYD since 2014 and officially join the fandom during 2016, cause i don't have phone that time till 2016. This brings me memories.

  6. This song, this set, everything about it brings me back to my childhood, when I first dreamed of dragons, when I first saw hiccups hand touch Toothless, when they beat the Dragon in the first film, it reminds me of the curiosity I had , the energy I have, the want to explore, it brings so much joy, happiness, I love the whole 35 minutes of this, because of how much joy I feel. Thank you, just, Thank you.

  7. once, after my fam got disney+, they talked about removing netflix, which is my way of watching rtte httyd, i was crazy about no, and it seems my dad liked netlfix, and all that, so we kept it. thank god it happened and i lived in the generation of httyd

  8. I have officially listened to this so many times that when I'm watching the movies I expect these versions to play (doesn't help that I've synced up the music to the movie in headphones before so I was listening to them at the same time

  9. every time i hear httyd music i always feel sad since httyd has ended but even tho it has ended new dragon like series are being created even tho some of them are like ripoffs i still enjoy them as an httyd fan since its still about httyd.

  10. Amazing. Simply amazing. I love HTTYD, and all the songs chosen to be put in this Medley. My God, thank you for having blessed us with this amazing Trilogy!

  11. Is it bad that I tear up every time I listen to this? How to Train Your Dragon will forever hold a special place in my heart, no matter how many years it’s been

  12. The like button is not enough for this masterpiece. I need a heart button for this masterpiece, I play these songs on my bass clarinet and it is beautiful every time you are my new best friend for making this.

  13. Honestly, this deserves more than just 400k views, this is worth 40 million, hell i think for a franchise this special to so many, this medley is completely priceless. Well done, not a second went unattentive in my listening, absolutely astounding job.

  14. The movies ended just like the music. On a short unfulfilling note that leaves a happy and long lasting memory. That is usually how it is. You love what happened in life and then on small thing could make it all fall. The choice to remember and be happy of the fact that it happened is the part that matters.

  15. Oh. My. Word. Thank you!!! Thank you so much for this amazing beautiful rendition of such timeless pieces. And the final reprise of a transposed “test drive”—aghhh!!! Cold chills! Made my entire night thank you. 💕💕💕

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