Inception – Time – Piano Solo HD

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  • Published On: 2012-01-30 06:38:52
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 Welcome to my piano playing channel! I’m a pianist, arranger, improviser, composer, and teacher who loves video game music. I also love the music from anime, movies, and classical. If you like what you hear, subscribe! Expect many more videos to come.

As promised on the forums recently, here is Hans Zimmer’s “Time,” from the rather popular motion picture, Inception. No wonder Time has been the number one most requested piece on my channel for the past year. A request I did not mind recording, that is!

While recording this, I considered Hans’ musical pallet: 4-5 chords throughout the piece, against a roaring bass, and dramatic contrasting differences in register. Leading me to agree with the few who mentioned that this piano seems to match this kind of piece well. As I said in the comments, how can you go wrong with a 9-foot Concert Grand Mason & Hamlin?! With such a depth in its bass, I had no choice.. Time had to be recorded on this piano!


Your Pianist and Composer,
Kyle Landry



  1. 0:29: Jumpscare Moment. If you have headphones on, it sounds as if someone opens your door on the right side. Which happened to be exactly right in my case.

  2. Wow, I need to learn how to play this now. How gorgeous, Zimmerman's music never fails to impress me. Such a skilled pianist too, you definitely do it justice!

  3. The average lifespan for a human is 80 years… that’s less than 30,000 days.

    Make sure you’re doing the things you want with the little time you have. I remember being in Kindergarten like it was yesterday, and now I’m about to graduate college. Also for the love of God make sure you always hug your loved ones. You never know when someone’s time will run out. God bless.

  4. A few days ago I heard this version and got goosebumps instantly. Today I bought the sheet music. My dream is to be able to play this song one day 🙂 Thank you so much for that!

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