Jazz Talks: Vijay Iyer speaks with Zakir Hussain

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  • Published On: 2016-06-03 03:55:33
  • Video Published/Author: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
  • Video Duration: 01:10:26
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An intimate conversation between two legends – Zakir Hussain delves into his early years and shares his musical influences. This incredible exchange is soulful, magical and completely enlightening about the creative process.

  1. What is also remarkable about Zakir is the person($) who understand its more than how his hands work but the animation of his hands and facial expression and the coming together, of both ! The joy and love you see you also feel! The trained technician enters here who thru timing lights and relationship with this performer and love comes thru the camera’s eye.

  2. there is a sad or may be bad thing about Indian classical music ie it doesn't matters how good a student u r ,,,but if ur master is not from ur family or gharana u won't get everything from him.But a great teacher is someone who doesn't do partiality & treats his every student as equal.

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