Lars Ulrich Drum solo old school

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  1. I have 40 years old and i heard Metallica since the year 1996. I play drums since 1998 and Metallica ever was the first band that i inspirated. And to you know about me, the LOAD album was my inspiration. And i will said to the next drummers: Hear the album LOAD. And learn to play this drums first. After it all you will play Ride the lightning, Master of Puppets and And justice for All with all facilities like a very professional drummer.

  2. Lars Ulrich is obviously competent on drums – especially if you compare him to literal beginners – so I don't know why some people act as if he is "the worst drummer EV4R!". He is good enough to have remained the drummer of one of the most successful metal bands of all time for more than 40 years, and almost nobody can make that exact claim about themselves.

  3. Drums can only be played by jazz or jazz-rock musicians. Metal-players can only play 4/4 in sixteenth notes, with syncopations at most. And most importantly, loudly, to get the crowd going. Practically no one can play jazz or jazz-rock style, and any jazz drumer will play the primitive diddle-badle rhythms.😁

  4. Lars is like the Ringo of heavy metal, plus a solid dose of McCartney. He’s got his own thing happening and I love it. Metallica is not playing the same game as Dream Theater – and people evaluating Lars in comparison to the best technical guys out there are missing the point. He’s a genius-level arranger, absolute star personality and overall intuitive visionary since day one, and he’s got amazing swagger on the drums. Listen to AJFA – his drum parts are legendary and just full of character. Just like Kirk, who also arguably “sucks,” millions of people around the world across 4 decades of age can sing this guy’s drum parts (or in Kirk’s case, his solos) beat for beat. Metallica’s songs across the board have been seared into the collective consciousness in a way no other heavy band has ever accomplished. In terms of hit songs with complex drumming, who even comes close other than Rush and TOOL? Lars does not even remotely suck. If Lars Ulrich is not a drum God, Jimmy Page isn’t a guitar God.

  5. Lars .. Perkusista …. który swoim poziomem i talentem gry na bębnach nie wyszedł dalej niż poza garaż …. lub szkolny zespół .. z liceum …
    14 letnie dzieci 2 klasy muzycznej lepiej trzymają tępo…A to tylko dlatego że był jest leniwym człowiekiem i spoczął na laurach po 1992r…Do dziś …
    Gdy by nie to że ma prawa do Metallicy jestem pewien że dawno by go już w zespole nie było ….
    Patrząc dziś na cały zespół Metallica.. pozostali członkowie idą droga Larsa , nie potrafią już chyba grać tego co stworzyli na płytę albumów ..
    Jedna piosenka Metallicy na każdym z ich występów po 2010r brzmi innaczej ..od tego zamierzonego co stworzyli .. . Dziwne co nie ..

  6. Lars comes in at the wrong time in the deep purple cover….his kick and snare were backwards and you can see him looking like oh shit… hahah listen to the version of this cover off binge and purge its much better…almost like they were rushing this whole thing this time around

  7. If just banging the drum is drumming then I can also be a drummer. Lars is not a good drummer. No time signature or technical know-how. Just banging on the rhythm that's all. I can do that too.

  8. Lars isn't a bad drummer. He just got lazy over time. He's got the skill and capability. His work ethic on stage is what's wrong with his playing. Back in the 80s he worked hard and played great!

  9. 1:41 listen to THE SOUND OF THOSE FUCKING THINGS! AAAAAAHHHHGGGGGGGG FCK YEA! thats how drums are supposed to sound, none of these tonefull DW drum flumps and 'phat' snares that sound like when you were a kid and you went over to another kids house to jam and his snare was dead, loosely tuned and the snare wires too loose (funny how the kid with the least knowledge and skills got signed)

    heaven forfend you put any reverb on drums nowadays, 'its not the 80s man' …well it fuking should be! im applying the tastes and sensibilities of the era in which i thought sounded the best, there will come a point in time where the tshirt-choaked snare will also become out dated and some kid is gonna say 'its not the 2010s man'. likely by that stage everyone will still be crying about the st anger snare – yes it sounded like pish, but way to not let it annoy you 20 years later. this is what happens when you stray from the path of thunderous, mid scooped reverbed drums, so the poor git cant win. thanks for attending my ted talk

  10. Why people hate on Lars so much?. Is it because he doesn't have to work a 9 to 5 job like you?. Or because he has toured the world over and over and played to sold out arenas and stadiums whatever he goes?. Or is it because he has made hundreds of millions of dollars doing what he loves?.
    I don't get it, he was one of the best and most influential drummers of the 80's and 90's.
    His drumming will go in metal history forever. He recorded some of the best metal albums ever.
    I guess the people who hate on him are people who never saw Metallica live in the early 90's.

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