Last Homage to Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma by Ustad Zakir Hussain |

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Last Homage to Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
By Ustad Zakir Hussain
and other Musicians & Bollywood Actors

  1. Funeral ceremony me kisi ko jhuk ke pranam nai kia jata except the dead person. such incomplete knowledge of our culture. there is someone who has died and you are collecting blessings…makes no sense

  2. Hindu shashtra anusar kisi v maransthali yea ta kisi v jagha jaha,Aisa horaha hai,waha kisi ko pranam nahi kor na nahi chahiye,kisi jibit insaan ko pranam nahi lena chahiye

  3. I saw many many muslim doesn't touch feet of their elder as per our tradition but this not true in the case of classical Indian musician they still carry our culture .

  4. कालभैरवअष्टक ११ बार सूनने मात्र से रोग,विष,नकारात्मक उर्जा,तंत्र,मंत्र,जादूटोणा आदी का सर्वनाश होता है
    शक्तिशाली स्तोत्र सबको शेयर करे
    ऐसे और व्हिडिओ के लिये चॅनल को सबस्क्राईब करे ।🏵️

  5. Glad to see………Glad to feel…Music's pride…..
    India 's pride………..
    Nation 's pride…'s the real picture of India !!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. जब तक इस दुनिया में चंद्र,सुर्य रहेंगे तब तक पं. शीवकुमार शर्मा ये नाम संगीत की दुनिया में अमर रहेगा…………….

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