Mike Mangini drum solo (Dream Theater live@luna park)

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  • Published On: 2015-10-21 02:13:47
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Абсолютно безбашенный Мангини!

  1. para mí uno de los mejores bateristas que hay últimamente… creo que nunca lo dejan explayarse como debería en cada banda que estuvo la rompió annihilator, con steve vai con dream theater.

  2. What annoys me is that most of these drum solos is that drummers know they are playing impressive things, not necessarily challenging to play. They're just trying to impress the crowd, which are really easy to impress…

  3. Damn. Mangini is a god. So much separation and mastery of rudements. The amount of stick control and accuracy to play symetrically like that. Fuck me that SINGLE STROKE ROLL

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