Modern Drummer Festival 2020 Thomas Lang drum solo performance


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  • Published On: 2022-02-01 10:44:58
  • Video Published/Author: Thomas Lang
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Video dump! Here’s my full performance from the Modern Drummer Festival 2020. Because of Covid I streamed the performance from my studio in Los Angeles. This performance and the whole festival that year were overshadowed by the passing of Neil Peart and all the performers chose to play something inspired by Neil in one way or another. My solo was improvised but I used Neil’s passion and interest for Jazz and Swing/Shuffle/triplet-feels as a starting-and end point. I started by playing a shuffle pattern with my left foot and improvised over that for awhile, then took a bunch of twists and turns, did some bizarre noodling and randomly bashed out some frustration and then brought it back to the intro at the very end. Thank you Neil for the continuing inspiration and Thank you to Modern Drummer for inviting me back to perform for the 4th time!


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