Modular Synthesizer Performance with Project 32

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  • Published On: 2021-02-12 23:30:06
  • Video Published/Author: Patchwerks
  • Video Duration: 00:04:35
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In this video resident expert Steven Ly (aka Project 32) performs on his Intellijel 7U 107HP modular system at Patchwerks. This performance was centered around 4 voices: the 4MS Ensemble Oscillator, Intellijel Plonk, Intellijel Dixie 2+ with the Doepfer A-102-VCF9, and Mutable Instruments Plaits.

Learn more about 4MS Ensemble Oscillator here:

Learn more about Intellijel Plonk here:

Learn more about the Intellijel Dixie 2+ here:

Learn more about the Doepfer A-102-VCF9 here:

Learn more about Mutable Instruments Plaits here:
Performance by: Steven Ly (aka Project 32)
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)

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