Neil Peart Drum Solo – Rush Live in Frankfurt

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  • Published On: 2013-09-03 15:44:18
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Neil Peart Drum Solo

  1. Like Buddy rich..Wasnt a soloist more a drum performer.
    I'm not questioning his ability, Personally i find this type of drumming souless.
    I prefer raw drummers on the edge.
    Neil looked bored

  2. Undoubted talent… limit his kit and half his showcase is gone.
    Thats why drummers like Bonham get my vote, proper drummers not kit whores

  3. I come by and watch this while drinking my morning mud. This guy not only amazes the shit out of me, but it gets my senses start to exercise themselves. Mr. peart, may you rest in eternal peace and I pray to come across your greatness in the afterlife 🥁

  4. It's crazy how impactful that Buddy Rich concert and album was for Neil, given that he ended the solo with the same track he played in 1991 with the Buddy Rich big band

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