Passacaglia – Handel/Halvorsen (Piano Solo)

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Passacaglia – Handel/Halvorsen (Piano Solo)

G. F. Handel – Suite No. 7, g minor, HWV 432 (Piano Cover for arrangement by J. Halvorsen)
Rearranged by Pianistos:

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Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy my music 🙂
I’m going to show various piano music including classical pieces.
I will upload a new video every week.
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  1. Hi, everyone!:) Do you know this piece (G. F. Handel – Suite No. 7, g minor, HWV 432)? Recently, I found the Halvorsen’s arrangement for this piece. Pianistos rearranged it with a modern feeling. (You can check his rendition through the link in the description) It's really beautiful! Next week, I am going to play one of pieces by Chopin, Brahms, or Rachmaninoff. Which composer’s piece would you like to listen to? I am always grateful for your support! Have a good day!!

  2. When i remember all the sadness, i said all of them are heart breaking and i cant live with them. Just patience but it is not effective and this sadness never finished. Why she broke my heart and turn my life to a hell? I had never learn why? why im crying at here?

  3. Hello. What a beautiful song! You have a great talent. Do you have MP3’s available for purchase of your performances? I would love to have this song and others. Thank you!

  4. Another fabulous Romantic era arrangement of a tune by Handel is Brahm's "Variations on a theme by Handel" which uses the famous keyboard piece by Handel known as the "Harmonious Blacksmith."Halvorsen also gave the similar treatment to another Handel dance piece known as the "Sarabande" -I think it's the same ominous sounding piece that Stanley Kubrick used as a motif in the film "Barry Lyndon."A thing about baroque pieces (and probably all music) is by either speeding up or slowing down the tempo you can make the music sound sprighltly and bright or slow,lumbering and ominous by slowing things down -this is what is done to the "Sarabande " tune.

  5. Estoy escuchando este torrente de variaciones para el Piano Forte…el Domingo de Ramos de este año 2022…y evoco…dentro de este Passacaglia…o Passacalle…esa curiosa procesión atribuida a un joven Jesús…que se creía triunfante con ramos batientes en sus manos…al lomo de un pollino…sin imaginarse el destino doliente de su crucifixion…!!!

  6. Belgian formula 1 driver Max Verstappen can play this piece -just watched a Youtube video where he was playing it on his piano in his Monaco home.

  7. lol I love the right hands' final tune in this song and how it's repeated over and over it's like they 'yeah' of today's pop music 😛 so stereotypically classical (for lack of a better description)!

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