Possibly the best guitar solo I’ve heard in 12 years of owning a music venue! Keep Watching!

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  • Published On: 2020-02-06 12:42:47
  • Video Published/Author: Paul Spink
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Canadian guitarist, singer, producer Ariel Posen played at Fat Lil’s in Witney, UK on Tuesday 4th February 2020. I knew he’d be good because he used to be in Brothers Landreth, but didn’t expect to hear this incredible, dynamic solo. Combining slide techniques, finger picking, dissonance and a fuzz tone to die for. It builds and builds. I was totally blown away! And I think it is possibly the best (to my taste) I’ve heard in all the years of owning the club.

  1. If thats the best you heard in 12 years you clearly didnt have many talented musicians there, the solo is great but he is using no more than 2 scales which is kind of underwhelming, but hey Im too used to Satriani and Vai.

  2. This kind of style is the future of rock. Don't get me wrong, I love a good ole CCR riff. However today's scene can barely keep up with consistently putting out new and original content. These are the kinds of brave and avant garde performances that will be shaping the guitarists of tomorrow. This dude HAS IT

  3. No joke one of the best solos I’ve ever heard. So compositional and inspired. No aimless noodling. It’s artwork. Killer rhythm section too 10/10 would recommend 💯🔥

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