Roland XPS-10 Synthesizer – Expandability in a Small Package

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  • Published On: 2021-03-26 16:46:16
  • Video Published/Author: Bothners Musical Instruments
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Today CJ takes a look at the Roland XPS-10 Synthesizer!

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Roland XPS-10 Synthesizer:

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  1. We thank Roland for what they have done for us as African churchs but this is to too limited. I only heard him talk about only one tone that is directed to African churches!!!!!
    Why did they not make similar to the Roland Juno ds or fa 6?


  2. Sir, I have two confusions and in our country, no comprehensive workshop is available for beginners. First, how to add multiple tones (layering) in the instrument. No step by step is available. Secondly, how to make a trilled mandolin tone as I could not find any convincing mandolin sound in it. Shall be grateful if a tutorial on it is posted. Regards.

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