Synth, MIDI, Scratch & Prime Dual-Layer Performance with Ethan Leo

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  • Published On: 2019-05-16 20:35:11
  • Video Published/Author: Denon DJ
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Showing the power and flexibility of the Prime Series DJ gear to connect to and control other equipment, Ethan Leo uses the X1800 mixer to send MIDI clock data to control the tempo of his synthesizer. Synching that to a tempo change on his SC5000 media player, Ethan then adds vinyl scratch sounds (on his VL12 Prime turntable), blending the mixer’s sweep FX and Filter separately for audio sculpting. He then switches back ‘n forth between the dual-layers of the single SC5000 media player, triggering saved loops and hot cues and all while recording the full performance on individual tracks in Ableton (using the X1800’s capability to perform as a 6 channel-audio interface) – Phew!

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  1. Ethan, I really enjoy the work you do by incorporating Midi Synth's into your performances. i get so inspired to do similar projects. i got my denon's and a synth can't wait to get started. Thanks For the
    uploads. Keep them Coming.

  2. This video is so misleading, midi sync implementation is awful in the Prime series. It’s ridiculous that Denon don’t allow the SC5000/6000 players to send midi sync or ableton link data themselves? Trying to play in perfect sync with hardware grooveboxes or drum machines is completely hit or miss right now. It’s just unbelievable in 2021 that neither Pioneer or Denon flagship players can sync with midi hardware…

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