Taylor Hawkins Drum Solo Hyde Park Foo Fighters

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Insane performance at hyde park to 85,000 people, Taylor hawkins has immense skills

  1. He was tired and worn out! Mental health issues on hard drugs.
    No one helped. His Family, his Band members, who apparently were his best buddies, his close friends! Can't hide drug use! Of course all sympathetic after the fact.

    Taylor did want out even after the first OD. Did you listen? Hmmm interesting that Kurt went the same way! Pattern?
    Taylor's autopsy report is inconclusive.

    If you ever lived through depression and hard drugs, you would exactly know how this feels. 💔

    RIP LEGEND ❤️🕯✝️🕊 you're out and free of pain. I miss you immensely.

    (Edited for additional information)

  2. whilst technically great drummers can be found in all areas of the globe "sorry flat earth people" Taylor was a shining light for the Foo Fighters, probably not the best ever seen, but very successful, Dave is not the best singer in the world, but the dynamic carried them forward, lets appreciate the music they provided us we will probably never see a band like that ever again, RIP Oliver Taylor Hawkins you passed to soon

  3. Was at Jazz Fest a week ago. Saw a guy wearing a Taylor Hawkins shirt in lieu of the performance they were supposed to do. I was walking with with a cane cause I'm fucking crippled. He moved to get out of the way as I gestured at him then I said "Dude no I love your shirt".

    Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing instead.

    We both rocked out to them instead, but he said "He's with us right now" and I was just like "I know".

    RIP Taylor. God damn it this is just so sad.

  4. Def one of of the best popular alt rock drummers. I always wonder why it seems to be the talented ones who die youngest. Like not to be an ass but it wasn’t the bassist, it was one of the best drummers in alt rock.it was chris Cornell, not Fred Durst. It was Slipknots and avenged sevenfold’s talented drummers. This isn’t to be disrespectful but maybe it is. Sorry if so

  5. My heart still hurts – best drummer in the world – so beautiful – I can't believe we won't ever see him again playing – RIP Taylor you were a shining star on stage x

  6. He was energetic, always on form and sexy to say the least about this true rock icon. REST IN PEACE, TAYLOR HAWKINS! You were 1 of the BEST drummers of all time! We'll all miss you terribly, Tay! 💔😢 I'm getting really into the Foo Fighters, now! I think I'll subscribe to their official channel! 😢😆✌

  7. (One of the) Last great arena-worthy live rock acts. Sorry to hear about TH, great musician, it is no easy feat to play at that level in stadiums and arenas, night after night.

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