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A top 10 list of some of the greatest guitar SOLOS ever.

  1. Gary Moore Victims of the Future era is the greatest, you can hear his influence all over Vivians earlier work. Also I forgot how awesome Lynch's solo's were composed…so melodic.

  2. 1. Randy Rhoads – Revelation Mother Earth, 2. Eddie Van Halen – Beat It, 3. Jake E Lee – Bark at the Moon, 4. Jimmy Page – Whole Lotta Love, 5. Joe Perry (Dick Wagner) – Dream On, 6. Eric Clapton – Forever Man, 7. Zack Wylde – No More Tears, 8. Eddie Van Halen – Ice Cream Man, 9. Carlos Cavazo – Come on feel the Noise, 10. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Couldn’t Stand the Weather…

  3. Very subjective, of course. Two would’ve made my Top 10 – Sweet Child and Get The Funk Out. I don’t really consider Eruption in the same category as a solo within a song construct. What’s missing?… Highway Star, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Ice Cream Man, and Richie Kotzen’s outro solo from Fooled Again. Too, love Gary Moore, but he was a far better blues artist than a hard rock artist.

  4. When I heard the story of Eddi V how he turned his back to the crowd so they do not see how he played , kind of a secret guitar lick that turned me off , because we would eventually find out now we know , that if you play on stage don’t turn you’re back to the fans they pay those big bucks to see you’re stuff I’m no longer a fan of Eddi and like Kirk Hammett a lot better anyway all the best folks 🙂

  5. Great list! Two of my all-time favorites are Vivian Campbell's solo in Holy Diver and Gary Richrath's solo in Golden Country off the "Live: You Get What You Play For" album.

    Gary Richrath was one of my favorite guitarists ever, and he's probably at the top of my all-time underrated guitarists.

  6. These 10 are great no question, but so many to choose from in rock and metal that its impossible to limit it to 10. And you did make the mistake of selecting the studio version of Rock Bottom over the live version which is "FAR" superior playing by Michael on this track.

  7. People forget how Gary Moore could shred with the best before he went into his later blues phase. Nice to to see Jake on here as I think he murders Zak and doesn't over use the pinch harmonics. Love Schenker tone with that cocked Wah and all that without using his little finger.
    Dimebag Cemetery Gates could have made this list too.

  8. Zack Wylde isn't even that good. Malmsteen is shit. Jake E Lee though was brilliant, as we're Gary Moore. Lynch very talented. Van Halen were shit too. You have to play with emotion to be any good. Sambora is good, though I doubt he is in this. Some guitarists in this video are a joke

  9. I heard eruption for the first time at school on an AM station and we all just looked at other saying what the hell is that!?? That same day I was at the record store buying the album.

  10. I understand this is coming from a metal perspective and these are all amazing solos with massive chops. But…

    David Gilmour's solo on Comfortably Numb is absolute perfection.

  11. To me a solo should be an expression and a continuation of the lyrics. It should help to tell the feelings and emotions of the song. Not how fast it can be played and Randy Rhoads was the best at it. Mic drop. Ping.

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